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Take A Stand Against Diarrhoea!

Smecta tackles taboo subject at the anti-diarrhoeal event

Kuala Lumpur, 7 July 2021: Most, if not all of us, have experienced diarrhoea at various points in our lives. In spite of its wide prevalence, many are uncomfortable to talk about it, viewing it as a “gross” or “dirty” topic. Others, may be embarrassed to relate their own experience or seek out practical solutions. As a result, many just painfully “let nature take its course” and treat themselves in ways which may not have proven efficacy.

Diarrhoea is a bigger problem that most are willing to admit. It certainly warrants more attention, as recurring episodes of diarrhoea can affect our lives, not only physically but emotionally and socially. Besides health threats, diarrhoea also causes lower productivity in the workplace, decreasing self-confidence and impeding social lives.

These were some of the issues addressed at the recent “Take a Stand with Smecta” virtual media event. Fortunately, there are various medical solutions to treat and provide relief for diarrhoea such as diosmectite, a natural edible clay. Smecta (diosmectite) is an oral suspension that can be used for adults and children above 2 years old for symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea. It forms a protective layer on the intestine for faster recovery of damaged intestinal lining due to diarrhoea.

Smecta is a product by IPSEN, a French pharmaceutical company and distributed exclusively by EP Plus Group in Malaysia. It has been in the global market for 45 years and is well-known in Malaysia for its Orange & Vanilla flavour anti-diarrhoeal. The brand highlighted SmectaGo at the media event. The caramel-cocoa flavoured SmectaGo oral suspension in sachet, is specially designed for people with busy lifestyles and constantly on the go. Smecta is also marketing its Smecta Strawberry and Orange-Vanilla flavoured powder sachet, which is suitable for both adults and children.

Mr. Tse-Ming Pang, Founder & Group Managing Director of EP Plus Group


Speaking at the event, “Diarrhoea is a common disease that we would encounter in our lives”, said Mr. Tse-Ming Pang, Founder & Group Managing Director of EP Plus Group. “In line with the value proposition of SmectaGo, we aim to raise awareness on diarrhoea and encourage Malaysians to Take A Stand – it is no longer an embarrassment!”, he further added.

The event hosted by Shing Queen, also sought to encourage Malaysians to rightfully “Take a Stand” against diarrhoea by dealing with the problem head-on.

However, it is better to nip the problem in the bud, rather than allow diarrhoea to linger and adversely affect us. The good news is that there are numerous medically-proven and safe treatments available. Some of these are available at all leading pharmacies and clinics, like Smecta.

“SmectaGo comes in a ready-to-drink formula. It is specially formulated to provide convenience to people with busy lifestyles. It comes in handy packaging and can be easily carried on the go,” added Mr Pang.

Echoing Mr Pang’s sentiments was English traveller and TV host, “Mat Dan” @ Daniel Tyler, who has made Malaysia his home since 2009.

“Speaking as a foreigner who has settled down in Malaysia, it is understandable that Malaysians tend to shy away from topics such as diarrhoea. However, this is a problem which affects almost everyone at some point,” he explained.

With just a little more public awareness, we can better combat diarrhoea as a community. Just like a headache or fever, we will take medicine as a common practice.  So why should diarrhoea be any different? It is advisable to use medical solutions like Smecta and get on with our lives in a healthy and productive way. Don’t let diarrhoea cramp your lifestyle.

So, isn’t it about time we “Take a Stand” against diarrhoea by effectively and safely harnessing Smecta? All variants of Smecta including SmectaGo, Smecta Strawberry and Orange-Vanilla flavoured sachet are available over-the-counter at leading pharmacies and clinics around the country.

Members of the public are also invited to be part of the virtual public event for SmectaGo and Smecta Strawberry on 8th July 2021, Thursday at 8pm via Smecta Malaysia’s Facebook Live. It will feature comedy acts by Joanne Kam, Kavin Jay and Papi Zak, hosted by Douglas Lim on diarrhoea and related humorous topics. Mark your calendars today! More details about the public event and Smecta can be found at www.facebook.com/smectamalaysia.


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