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Ajinomoto debuts “Blendy Brand” in Thailand with “Lee Thanat – Ink Waruntorn” the couple in question

20 July 2021 – Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., is further penetrating the beverage market in Thailand by debuting “Ajinomoto Blendy®”, the number-one brand from Japan. Ajinomoto Blendy® includes two types of beverage: Blendy Stick and Blendy PET with milk coffee, black coffee, milk tea, green tea, and cocoa flavours. With their soft and smooth taste, the drinks let you relax and refresh, Japanese style.

“Nowadays the fresh brew coffee and café trend is booming among Thai people, especially the female consumer group,” commented Mr.Wonnarate Sukheeluck, Processed Food & Beverage Business Department Manager of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. “Ajinomoto sees this as an opportunity to expand its target groups in the beverage market in Thailand by introducing Ajinomoto Blendy® brand, the leading and most successful brand from Japan, to Thai consumers.”

Ajinomoto Blendy® comes in various flavours and is offered in two types. Blendy Stick relaxes with: Milk Coffee, 1/2 Calorie Coffee for health-concerned people, using coffee powder imported from Japan; Green Tea flavour made with imported green tea powder from Japan, and; premium Cocoa flavour produced by special technology from Japan, giving a soft and smooth taste just as it does in Japan. The other type, Blendy PET, is a cold beverage in PET format. You feel refreshed from the first sip. It also comes in three flavours. There’s the popular Milk Coffee, a Brazilian blend Black Coffee with 100% Arabica beans created using a dripping process, providing mellow taste and coffee aroma like fresh brewed coffee. Then there’s Milk Tea made from 100% Earl Grey tea mixed with milk, giving the taste of Japanese style during work-from-home.

Ajinomoto Blendy® has also launched its first TVC which features Lee – Thanat  Lowkhunsombat and Ink – Waruntorn Paonil in the roles of a couple.

So do have a Blendy Day with Lee and Ink and enjoy drinking Ajinomoto Blendy®, available now through E-commerce and at convenience stores nationwide.

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