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KFC Malaysia launches new Kulit Ayam or Chicken Skin

KFC Malaysia has finally, yes finally launched chicken skin in Malaysia. The new chicken skin (kulit ayam) is part of the Snek Jimat or Value Snack package available from 2pm to 5pm with a starting price of RM 7.99.

Beware KFC as netizens have gone online to vent their frustrations on the misleading portion size. There is also the issue of order fulfillment. Since this product is only available for 3 hours, consumers who have ordered the chicken skin have complained of long wait with one of the netizens expressing his displeasure saying “My food order is missing for 3 hours.”

We tried ordering online and collecting the chicken skin from the outlet on 5 August 2021. The entire process was a breeze. Here’s what we got (showing the only the chicken skin).

Image by Minimeinsights.com

The chicken skin tastes pretty good and crunchy! Of course, don’t eat too much as the Ministry of Health Malaysia has issued as a health warning about consuming chicken skin.


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