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CP Foods shares safety tips with contract farmers in light of new COVID-19 wave

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foodsproceeds with animal farm SEAL” along with other safety measures to safeguard workers and protect animals from significant diseasesThe emphasis is placed on the sharing of knowledge to ensure food safety and food security. 

MrSomporn Jermpong, executive vice president for swine business of CPF, said that CPF has been imposing strict disease monitoring and control measures at all animal farmsOne of the measures is to seal the farms to prevent and control diseasesThe control measures are even strengthened to the maximum level following the COVID19 pandemic, to protect both animals and staffThese measures particularly concern the biosecurity system which is the focal point of such control, along with continuous training for staff and contract farmers.

CPF has continually shared our techniques, approaches and measures against diseases in pigs and COVID-19 with contract farmersWe have shared our knowledge, organized farm audit and hosted online training programsOur goal is the farmers possess accurate knowledge and practices that can be applied with their farms to lessen business risks and keep their business goingThe farmers are also encouraged to seal their farms, by arranging staff accommodations inside the premises and ensuring proper living conditions and food supplyFarmers should also make use of the closed circuit TV system that allows monitoring through cameras and less human visits to  farm buildingsThat will keep animals safe from diseases and ensure food safety as well as food security,” MrSomporn said

Regarding the poultry business, Mr.Somkid Wannalukkhee, senior vice president of CP Foods, added that aside from strengthened biosecurity measures at all farms and restrictions on workers’ exit and visitors’ entry, the focus is placed on COVID-19 measures that highlight personal hygiene, social distancing, requirements for face masks and hand washing which have become the daily routines of allAdjustments have been made to fit current circumstancesfor example, preparations are arranged prior to activity dates; activities are organized outdoor; all workers keep distance and use personal utensils; only hot dishes are served; and frequently touched areas are cleaned more frequently.

CP Foods has strictly exercised maximum measures and properly applied control measuresWe have launched a campaign to educate workers and contract farmers on disease control, to raise their awareness in the importance of control measuresThen, they will be ready for work and protect themselves against COVID-19. The food supply chain will then be saved, both in normal situations and times of crisis,” MrSomkid said./ 


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