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Mirinda Salted Lemon Soda launched

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand), the manufacturer and distributor of fizzy drinks under the brand name ‘Mirinda’, has launched Salted Lemon Soda. Salted lemon, salted lime or the sweet-salty asam boi are often associated with street drinks that quench your thirst during a hot day. Salted drink also helps to replenish lost electrolytes. The Mirinda Salted Lemon Soda features a uniquely harmonious blend of sour, sweet, salty flavors to appeal to Gen Z.

In Malaysia, PepsiCo has recently launched Revive Isotonic Salted Lemon through its local unit Etika. The new Revive Isotonic Salted Lemon is said to be an ultra-refreshing drink combining the replenishing and refreshing properties of salted lemon.

In Thailand, the Mirinda Salted Lemon Soda has also been fortified with vitamin B3, B6 and B12 to tap into the vitamin fortification trend, which has become a must-have in new beverage launches in Thailand. 

Mirinda Salted Lemon Soda is available in a 345-ml PET bottle and a 440-ml PET bottle at all convenience stores, retail and wholesale outlets, supermarkets and leading department stores nationwide.



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