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Recreate the café experience at home with Moccona’s Cafe Style Coffees

The Moccona Café Style range of latte, cappuccino and white espresso promises convenience and quality

December 01, 2021 – Some coffee drinkers work into their daily routines pit-stops at their favourite cafés, but not everyone wants to leave the house whenever a perk-me-up is needed. Whether it is starting the day languorously or grabbing a quick espresso in between chores, convenience has its merits among the regularly caffeinated.

Moccona brings moments of absolute indulgence into the home with a range of Moccona Café Style coffees that promise the high-quality brews of your favourite barista with the convenience of modern manufacturing. You can trust the brand with this lofty goal – after all, delivering pleasure in a cup is something it has been doing since its founding in 1753 in the quaint village of Joure in the Netherlands.

In the centuries since, Moccona has only gotten better at the coffee game with generations of experts spending their days perfecting its range of recipes. Moccona Café Style coffee is testament to that dedication, featuring ideas and ingredients from across continents brought together to create the perfect cuppa. Real coffee beans are carefully sourced from the best coffee regions in the world and paired with quality and creamy milk imported from New Zealand.

The Latte, Cappuccino and White Espresso varieties are all made with wholesome ingredients. That milky froth and full-bodied coffee cannot be fabricated with artificial flavours or creamers. Each sip is rich and round, and could transport you to a familiar coffee hangout or hideaway – all without setting foot outside your kitchen.

Connoisseurs tend to stick to their preferred coffee style or, like a playlist for every mood, have a go-to style for certain times of the day or activities. The novice who does not yet know how to navigate coffee menus will find the task is made easy with Moccona Café Style coffee as each flavour has a number that indicates coffee roasting intensity. The higher the number, the higher the roasting degree, spanning light to dark.

This range comprises the smooth and creamy White Espresso (roasting intensity of 5), smooth and milky Latte (6) and rich and creamy Cappuccino (7). Each variety is crowned with a thick velvety froth that releases that unmistakable aroma of roasted coffee, which winds its way into every crevice and corner in a contained space. When immersed in this multi-sensorial experience, even the weariest consumers will find themselves feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.

That is precisely the effect quality coffee has on those who regularly worship at the temple of java. It is a moment of bliss or restoration, picking you up when you’re down or lifting you higher when you need a boost. But not all coffee experiences have to be purposeful. Some drink it for the enjoyment of the taste or soothing creaminess, savouring the flavours and textures as they unfold slowly.

And now you can have it all in the comfort of your home with the Moccona Café Style coffee range, whether it is taking a minute of me-time to refuel for the day or entertaining loved ones. Constantly percolating in the headquarters of Moccona are ways to make everyday occasions that much more enjoyable as the brand strives to create and inspire moments of pleasure. It definitely succeeded here. Café-style coffee may be a treat, but the real luxury is the joy it brings you.

To find out more about Moccona, visit moccona.my or purchase your choice of Moccona coffee at:

Lazada Mall

Shopee Mall

Retail stores: Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer and Aeon


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