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Lab-grown cultured meat enters Singapore hawker scene as a trial

Image from Eat Just

Lab-grown cultured chicken meat maker Eat Just, which sells under GOOD Meat, has partnered with Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore. The new famous Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice offered the option of GOOD Meat cultivated chicken and was priced at only SGD 4. The dish was served for a limited time until 1 March 2022. For the first time in history, Singapore’s hawkers are starting to serve meat made without slaughter.

According to Eat Just, “GOOD Meat will be popping up at traditional hawker stalls and centers in Singapore”.

For plant-based meat or even cultivated meat to truly become mainstream, it is important for companies to make these ingredients available at an affordable price at hawker stalls and centers.

However, we feel that this will take time. Take a look at croissant in Malaysia where consumers previously viewed it as a premium pastry. With the availability of frozen croissant and the growing popularity of croissant in restaurants, we finally see croissant becoming an option in hawker stalls or kopitiam in Malaysia, selling alongside the more traditional toasted bread but at a slightly premium price.


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