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Farm Fresh offers fresh milk on tap to cut back on packaging waste, break the fast at The Acre by Farm Fresh

Malaysian dairy company Farm Fresh is offering fresh milk on tap to reduce packaging waste. Now you can reuse your glass bottle to get fresh milk from Farm Fresh UPM from 15 April 2022.

During Ramadan, Farm Fresh is promoting its Ibu Santan Coconut Milk for desserts and cooking. The coconut milk is available in 1L and 200m pack sizes.

The dairy company has also announced “Ja-moo Selera Together At The Acre” where diners can break the fast at The Acre by Farm Fresh. The restaurant is located at Farm Fresh UPM offerring a blend of classic fusion of modern Italian and Malayan cuisine fresh from farm, served on the plate.

Time: 6.30pm to 10pm

Price: RM 98+ per person. 50% off for children under 12 and free for children under 6.

Go to http://www.farmfresh.com.my/ramadan-2022/ to know more and to book your slots!

We are seeing Farm Fresh becoming a lifestyle brand with milk and other adjacent products relevant for the different occassions and needs.

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