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MooMilk milk candy tablet maker goes probiotics

Image by Minimeinsights.com

Sunfood Corp Co., Ltd, the maker of MooMilk Milk Candy Tablet in Thailand, has unveiled Buddy Pop Probiotics Candy Yogurt/Lemon Flavour at THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2022. Compared to the existing MooMilk Milk Candy Tablet with calcium and vitamin A, the new Buddy Pop Probiotics Candy has gut-friendly probiotics imported from the US.

According to the back-of-pack ingredient description, this probiotics candy contains Bacillus coagulans (UABc-20), which is the probiotic strains powered by Chr. Hansen.

Buddy Pop Probiotics Candy Yogurt Flavour contains full cream milk powder (11.43%), frutooligosaccharides (17.14%), sorbitol (57.3%), aspartame (0.2%) and sucralose (0.04%).

The ingredients in the dairy-free Buddy Pop Probiotics Candy Lemon Flavour are sorbitol (76%), xylitol (14.2%), Bacillus coagulans (1%), aspartame (0.2%) and sucralose (0.06%).


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