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Betagro taps into food and protein segments sharply focused on Food Service Solutions Highlighting future food innovations to create sustainable food security

Mr. Trirat Thongplod, Chief Operating Officer - Protein Business, Betagro Public Co., Ltd

Wednesday 25 May 2022 – Betagro continues to strengthen its position as a food service solutions provider and is proactively strengthening the food and protein segments throughout its supply chain. The company’s Smart Quality concept will be the key to enhancing the efficiency of biosafety systems under the BQM standard, together with developing future food innovations, expanding distribution channels, improving logistics, and implementing a Smart CRM strategy to provide consulting services to elevate the industry and drive sustainable food security.

Mr. Trirat Thongplod, Chief Operating Officer – Protein Business, Betagro Public Co., Ltd., said that the company will build on their successful market expansion and consistent growth in the food and protein segments by focusing on enhancements in biosecurity systems for swine, poultry, egg and fish production, improvements in product quality under the Betagro Quality Management (BQM) standard, and the development of Betagro’s e-Traceability using a QR code on the product label, so that consumers can trace a product’s source throughout the supply chain. This will improve people’s trust in Betagro’s high food safety standards and premium quality product offerings.

This year, the company plans to expand its access to the pork market by increasing production capacity of pork products in the food and protein business. The number of pig farms will increase, boosting the proportion of premium S-Pure branded 100% free range pork products, with no antibiotics, no red meat accelerators, and no growth promoters. Betagro will also increase pig breeding farms (great grandparent and grandparent farms) and parent stock breeding to support the swine production process. This is in line with the company’s plan to build new farms and a new slaughterhouse to expand production capacity to approximately 4.8 million pigs per year by 2026.

“The company has developed future food innovations, including new plant-based alternative protein, in line with healthy product trends and to meet consumers interest on being healthy and are increasingly choosing alternative products.” Mr. Trirat said.

Betagro plans to increase its distribution channels through modern trade to improve awareness of consumer in large supermarkets with fresh pork consignments and expansion of hygienic meat shops in Thailand in addition to expanding its presence through Betagro branches, Betagro Shops for B2B customers, Betagro Deli, and hygienic meat shops which are operated by third parties for B2C customers, along with e-commerce channels.

In addition, the company is proactively tapping into the B2B customer base with Smart CRM, enhancing relationship with food service providers through digital platform by the CRM team and one-stop full service food solution under our “Food Service Solution” project which enhances B2B customers’ understanding in our products. Betagro has improved efficiencies in its own logistics management.

As of 31 December 2021, Betagro operated a total of 4,829 farms in Thailand, 61 under its own operations, and 4,768 under contract farming. Supplies are processed into Betagro’s flagship products under the BETAGRO, S-Pure, and ITOHAM brands, reflecting the company’s commitment to helping people and communities have a better quality of life by providing safe and high-quality foods at fair prices, distributed through 97 Betagro branches, 207 Betagro shops, 29 Betagro Deli locations, 710 hygienic meat shops, and leading supermarkets covering all regions and major cities in Thailand.


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