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Beyond Human Touch: AI is Ushering in a New Era of Hospitality

In Asia, the hospitality industry is riding on the cusp of a world where AI becomes your partner in crafting extraordinary guest experiences.

At HSMAI’s upcoming Futures AI Workshop, visionary leaders are gathering to explore how to apply the transformative power of AI as a strategic tool that redefines the guest experience of their hotels.

In the past decade, great emphasis has been placed on personalization. Today we’re entering an era of hyper-personalization. For example, AI can help hotel managers to curate a bespoke spa experience, offering a visual experience of your service through stunning AI-generated imagery. It can also help offer a guest experience beyond booking a room, to the extent that they can co-curate their ideal stay, leading to the seamless integration of housekeeping robots to anticipate their needs.

The Futures AI Workshop offers hotel leaders a three-pronged approach:

  1. Unveiling Hidden Potential: Today’s there’s a treasure trove of cutting-edge AI advancements waiting to be harnessed. Guests can explore their rooms before arrival with 3D virtual tours, and AI-enhanced videos can showcase a hotel’s unique offerings, to stand out from competitors.
  1. Cultivating Innovation: Spark creative problem-solving to harness AI to address real guest needs. Think AI-powered check-in kiosks for seamless arrivals, or personalized room temperature adjustments for unparalleled comfort.
  1. Building a Strategic Roadmap: No longer settle for a patchwork of isolated solutions. Instead, craft a comprehensive AI strategy that seamlessly integrates with the entire guest journey, from booking to check-out. Leverage guest data to personalize AI interactions and anticipate needs at every touchpoint.

Beyond the guest experience, the Futures AI Workshop will also teach hospitality leaders to leverage AI to bring operational efficiency to unprecedented heights. It’s an essential opportunity to thrive with competitive edge.

About Joshua Ryan-Saha

The Futures AI Workshop is hosted by Joshua Ryan-Saha. He is the Director of Traveltech at the University of Edinburgh’s Futures Institute, where he leads the application of data-driven innovation for the tourism, travel, hospitality and festival sectors. He previously worked at The Data Lab, leading programmes to improve data science skills across Scotland. He joined from Nesta where he established the £10m Longitude Prize, which featured on BBC Horizon’s 50th Anniversary Episode. Before joining Nesta in October 2013, Joshua worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina developing and delivering projects related to constitutional reform and reconciliation.



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