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Anyone heard of Pran?

Pran, Bangladesh’s biggest fruit and vegetable processor, is increasingly making its presence felt in Malaysia. A search on Jobstreet.com.my shows the company is recruiting 13 full-time sales executives to market Pran range of products in the general and modern trade establishments including highway rest areas, school, college and army canteens, cafeterias, petrol pumps and universities and restaurants.The company is also looking for merchandisers (promoters) to do sampling and merchandising in supermarkets, hypermarkets, minimarts, hotels and education institutions.

I first stumbled upon Pran juices and energy drink yesterday at a mom-and-pop grocery store in Pudu. A visit to Tesco and Aeon Big reveals Pran is occupying prominent position as promotional items in store shelves to tell the world that Pran has arrived. The 260g Pran mango juice (20% juice content) is selling at Aeon Big for RM 1.30. At Tesco, the apple and mango juice is selling at a normal price of RM 1.80. Pran juice drink is competing in the same category with Tropicana Twister, the number one juice drink in Malaysia.

As a newcomer, Pran does have an advantage as the brand can tap into the sizable number of Bangladesh workers in Malaysia who already have prior knowledge about the brand in their home country.

Product ML RM RM/L
PRAN Mango Juice Drink 260 1.80 6.92
PRAN Mango Juice Drink (Promotion price) 260 1.30 5.00
Tropicana Twister Juice Drink 355 2.29 6.45


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