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Pran Hitting the Right Note with 125ml Single-Serve Juice

Pran Junior Fruit Cocktail
Pinnacle Foods (M) Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Pran Foods (M) Sdn Bhd, has introduced a differentiated product in the Malaysian juice category. The latest 125ml juice for kids has filled the void in the single-serve 125ml format. The smallest mainstream packaging size in the juice category at the moment is 250ml for both glass bottle and carton.

Dutch Lady Kid Full Cream Milk 4 x 125ml – Image from Tesco Malaysia

Similar 125ml format has already being adopted in the UHT milk category in Malaysia. Why a similar mini pack is not used by the juice category to target kids? A small pack size helps in portion control and fits nicely in the lunch box.

The Pran 125ml juice comes in fruit cocktail, mango and orange flavours and is selling for RM2.50 for 4x125ml at the Hero Supermarket in Taman Dagang, Selangor. Compared to Pran Junior Juice, the Marigold Fruit Drink Apple 6x250ml is selling for RM5.40. On a per volume basis, Marigold (RM3.6/L) is cheaper than Pran (RM5/L).
Getting Pran 125ml juices into more stores is the key challenge as I have only seen the Junior Juice at Hero Supermarket and not in the bigger outlets such as Tesco, Giant and Aeon Big. At the moment, Pran mango in PET bottles have entered Aeon Big. However, if one were to go to local Indian-owned grocery stores, there are more selection of Pran products, which is a strong indication that Pran goes for smaller grocery stores first before going into the bigger retail establishments.

“The real taste of mango” – Image taken by the author at Aeon Big



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