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Throwback Marketing Still Works

Kellogg's and Campbell's "old" packaging - Image taken by the author
Packaged food companies are capitalising on the good ol’ days targeting teens and young consumers who think retro is hip and reconnect with the 40-50-year-olds. Kellogg’s and Campbell’s are the latest throwback products in Malaysia, both come in tin packaging. Retro marketing gives consumers the assurance of authenticity and simplicity.
Such marketing technique also reminds consumers of the history of the brand and how it has become part of the life of ordinary Malaysians for the past decades. The Jacob’s 60th anniversary packaging in 2013 commemorated the company’s first commitment that tracked back to 1953 to be the nutritious choices for all Malaysians.

Jacob’s retro tin (right) – Image taken by Mini Me Insights in Nov 2013
As more brands celebrate their anniversary, some of them may choose to become nostalgic adopter, reminding consumers of the brand’s heritage and longevity.



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