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CP frozen ready meals now at 99 Speedmart

PK Agro Industrial Products (M) Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer of the CP Brand frozen ready meals, has expanded the distribution channel for its CP frozen ready meals to selected 99 Speedmart outlets.

As of 4 December 2016, there were 880 99 Speedmart minimarkets throughout Malaysia, making it the biggest minimarket chain in the country and a significant channel for fast moving consumer goods. As a comparison, there were 2,057 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia at the end of September 2016. At the moment, 7-Eleven is a major distribution channel for CP frozen ready meals.

CP frozen ready meals in 99 Speedmart

The key selling point for the CP frozen meal range at 99 Speedmart are ‘no preservative’ and quick to prepare in ‘4 minutes.’

cp-ready-mealsThe CP range consists of three local favorites – Fried bee hoon (fried vermicelli), nasi lemak and kampung fried rice. The nasi lemak is priced at RM 4.40 (USD 1.00), while the other two is RM 3.90 each.



The company has provided a microwave at participating outlets. The microwave is located next to the cashier, which means only the cashier is allowed to handle the Sharp microwave.


Making the frozen ready meal available in more channels is a positive step in a long journey to cultivate a lifestyle of eating microwaveable convenient food.


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