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MAGGI Unveils Healthier Whole Grain Nutri-licious Noodles With Italian Flavours

MAGGI's healthier range of instant noodles - Nutri-licious

Kuala Lumpur, July 27, 2022 – MAGGI recently rolled out its brand new range of instant noodles, MAGGI Nutri-licious, for discerning consumers who seek healthier choices in food consumption. MAGGI Nutri-licious is the first instant noodles in Malaysia to be certified with the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL)[1], a voluntary front-of-pack labelling initiative by the Ministry of Health for heathier food choices.

MAGGI Nutri-licious comes in two Italian-inspired flavours, Aglio Olio and Tomato Delight, both made with whole grain wheat flour sourced from Australia. Utilising air-dried technology, the noodle cake is baked to reduce the fat content as well as to make the noodles springier in texture. Besides the goodness of whole grain, it is also a source of protein, fibre and vitamin B6, providing a healthier option for the entire family.

Juan (second from right) with MAGGI team members presenting the new Nutri-licious range

According to Mr Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, MAGGI Nutri-licious is a timely introduction as healthy eating and lifestyle trends are growing in popularity. “For Malaysians, our staple food comprises mainly rice and noodles. Mindful of the evolving health trends and the rise of health-conscious consumers, we are enhancing one of Malaysian’s favourite instant noodles by offering consumers MAGGI’s first, healthier range of instant noodles that are packed with essential nutrients such as protein and fibre.

In line with our brand promise, You and MAGGI, Cook the Difference, MAGGI continues to support healthier and tastier food choices through our latest product innovation, upon gaining consumer insights into their lifestyle, consumption habits and food trend. Consumers who are seeking an easy-to-prepare, tasty and affordable meal now have a healthier option at their fingertips – and as always, are encouraged to add their favourite vegetables and proteins such as seafood, meat or egg to achieve a balanced and more nutritious meal,” said Juan.

The new noodles range have been given an unprecedented European twist with two tasty Italian-inspired flavours. The Tomato Delight is a fusion of sweet and tangy tomato paste flavour while the Aglio Olio uses aromatic garlic oil to whet one’s appetite with its distinct and savoury garlic taste.

In a pioneering move for the MAGGI brand in Malaysia, MAGGI Nutri-licious utilises 30% of recyclable plastic packaging in its outer pack in support of preserving the environment, further strengthening Nestlé’s sustainable commitments in meeting its ambition to reduce one third of its virgin plastics usage by 2025.

Consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam said it is recommended to include whole grains into one’s diet. Whole grains are nutritious as well as rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals which offer various health benefits. “Whole grain foods are associated with lower risk of heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, and support digestive functions and weight management.”

Indra also emphasised that it is important to analyse the ingredients and nutritional values of the food we consume. “Having a balanced meal is of utmost importance – everyone is encouraged to emulate the concept of “Suku Suku Separuh” or “Quarter Quarter Half” towards building healthier eating habits,” added Indra.

 Quarter Quarter Half concept of the Malaysian Healthy Plate, is a quick visual technique to help plan a balanced meal by dividing food portions in the following manner:

  • One quarter of the plate filled with carbohydrate sources such as rice, noodles or bread
  • One quarter of the plate for protein sources like fish, poultry, meat or egg
  • Half of the plate for fruits and vegetables

For more information on MAGGI Nutri-licious, please visit https://www.maggi.my/en/maggi-happenings/maggi-nutri-licious/

[1] https://myhcl.moh.gov.my/index.php/site/productlist (as of 20 June 2022)


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