Home Country Malaysia Plant-based ‘chicken’ style burger patty ULTIMEAT has a new look

Plant-based ‘chicken’ style burger patty ULTIMEAT has a new look

Better Protein Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, formerly known as San Yang Vegetarian Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, has given its plant-based meat brand ULTIMEAT a new look. ULTIMEAT was first spotted at Tastefully Food Expo in early 2022.

The company issued a press release in August 2022 announcing the launch of its all-new plant-based ‘chicken’ style burger patties. The patties have zero cholesterol, making them ideal for health-concerning individuals. It’s vegan-friendly, high in protein and can be a daily source of nutrients. Eating with ULTIMEAT allows one to go green and play a part in saving the planet. Besides, ULTIMEAT aims to reduce carbon footprint, and everyone has the power to help create a greener planet and a kinder world for animals.

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