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Central Pattana Collaborates with Nestle Pure Life and Minere to “Give New Life to Plastic Bottles” to Move Towards Net Zero Goal

Monday 03 October 2022 – Central Pattana Public Co., Ltd. has joined with Nestle (Thai) Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of Nestle Pure Life and Minere Mineral Water, to officially launch PET bottle collection points for all brands of water to promote the concept of “Giving new life to plastic bottles.” It encourages shoppers and consumers to separate PET bottles after drinking so they can begin the proper recycling process. Two pilot collection points were recently launched at two large food centers, Central FoodPark and Hug Thai, at Central World.

The collaboration between Central Pattana and Nestle reflects their shared commitment to doing business on a sustainable basis and aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Both companies also plan to extend their cooperation by setting up bottle collection points at additional food centers at Central locations in Bangkok and vicinity.

Mrs. Patra Sapayaprapa, Senior Director – Food Center Services, Central Pattana Public Co., Ltd., said, “While we intend for all our 42 Central Food centers to be known for offering great taste, we also need to focus on protecting the environment and providing the best service to customers visiting our food centers around the country. CPN is very willing to collaborate with our trade partner, Nestle, on the ‘Giving new life to plastic bottles’ project to foster customer engagement, encouraging them to separate plastic waste, specifically drinking water bottles. This project is in line with our sustainability policy, which aims to reduce waste that is harmful to the environment. We have implemented the ISO 14001 standard in our operation and improved the sorting process through to disposal as part of our goal to reduce waste to landfill by at least 50% by the year 2025.”

Nestle is committed to driving sustainable business operations, ranging from environmentally friendly production to sustainable packaging initiatives. All Nestle Pure Life and Minere Mineral Water is packaged in clear PET bottles, which, following the recycling process, are transformed into clear plastic beads that can be used in many applications. Every part of Nestle Pure Life and Minere Mineral Water packaging, be it the bottle or cap, is 100% recyclable.

Mr. Piyathat Loathikun, National Sales Manager, NESTLE Waters, said, “Currently, Nestle Pure Life and Minere Mineral Water are the only brands available in Central Group’s 41 FoodParks nationwide. The collaboration with Central Pattana is our key activity to promote proper waste sorting among consumers and inspiring them to put PET bottles into the recycling process. This underscores Nestle Thailand’s commitment to reducing the use of virgin plastic by one-third by 2025 as we all move together to reach the net zero goal. I invite everyone to contribute in your own little way to do good for the planet. Let’s drink refreshing water then give new life to PET plastic bottles by disposing of them at the collection points provided.”

Every 24 bottles collected for recycling help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 1 kg of CO2e. Since 2019, CPN and NESTLE Waters have put over 8.6 million bottles into the recycling process.

Become a part of giving new life to plastic bottles. “Twist… Close… Dispose” of plastic bottles at the bottle collection points at Central FoodPark and Hug Thai, Central World, putting plastic waste into the proper recycling process to support the sustainability of our planet.




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