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Predator Energy Drink coming to Malaysia

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Coca-Cola Refreshment Malaysia is bringing Predator Energy Drink to Malaysia. Predator is an affordable energy drink brand that embraces the conquering spirit. We knew Monster Energy is planning to roll out Predator energy drink in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar as disclosed in Monster Energy’s Q2 2022 result earnings call. A LinkedIn feed by a local Coca-Cola sales executive in Malaysia has now confirmed the news.

We have found Predator Energy Drink (320ml) selling at myNEWS.com for RM 3.20, which is cheaper than most of the other energy drinks. The following is a pricing list of the energy drinks sold at myNEWS.com

  • Carabao Energy Drink (250ml) – RM 4.00
  • Red Bull Gold/Less Sugar (250ml) – RM 4.70
  • Power Root Tongkat Ali with Honey Extra C (250ml) – RM 4.40
  • Red Bull Plus (250ml) – RM 4.70
  • Red Bull Silver (250ml) – RM 6.40
  • Monster Energy (355ml) – RM 6.90
  • Sting Strawberry (330ml) – RM 4.80




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