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PolicyStreet and foodpanda Malaysia Joins Forces to Digitise Delivery Partners’ Insurance for Better Protection

From left to right: Darren Chong, Chief of Technology Management for PolicyStreet; Andrew Ang Hean Teck, Chief Financial Officer for foodpanda Malaysia; Wilson Beh, Cofounder of PolicyStreet, and Kelvin Chan, Director of Operations for foodpanda Malaysia met up to officialise the launch of the nation's first Gig Workers' Claims Portal

Through PolicyStreet’s newly launched Gig Workers’ Claims Portal, foodpanda Malaysia’s delivery partners can monitor their insurance coverage and submit claims while on the go.

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 November 2022 – All of foodpanda Malaysia’s delivery partners classified as gig workers nationwide will be enjoying simplified insurance processes as part of PolicyStreet’s commitment to close the insurance protection gap among gig workers. The benefit set to affect the tens of thousands of delivery partners is an extension of PolicyStreet and foodpanda Malaysia’s efforts to insure and protect delivery partners’ social and financial welfare, which began in 2020.

Through PolicyStreet’s latest digital solution– the Gig Workers’ Claims Portal, delivery partners can monitor their insurance coverage status, submit, and monitor their claims’ progress while on the go. Developed to ease the insurance operations and processes, the proprietary technology can be rolled out to p-hailing companies nationwide in Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Australia.

“While the growth of the digital economy has made life infinitely easier for consumers, the delivery partners who power the industry bear the brunt of the risk of financial insecurity due to the industry’s protection gap. By developing innovative digital solutions, With the launch of this new solution, we hope to work towards ensuring the digital economy will remain sustainable for the long term by protecting the social and financial welfare of gig workers,” says Lee Yen Ming, Chief Executive Officer of PolicyStreet.

“We understand that delivery partners are fluid in the p-hailing service provider they serve, oftentimes having to serve more than one p-hailing service provider to make ends meet. We are working to onboard more p-hailing service providers onto the platform so gig workers can monitor their various insurance policies from their coverages across different various employers, all from one portal,” added Yen Ming.

Leading the way as a responsible employer within the gig economy space, foodpanda Malaysia is among the first p-hailing companies to adopt the technology. Delivery partners from foodpanda Malaysia can rest assured knowing that in addition to being insured while on the job, the processes to monitor and claim have been made simple for them and their next of kin.

“foodpanda Malaysia is proud to collaborate with PolicyStreet in protecting our delivery partners as they carry out the arduous and sometimes dangerous task of delivering food, groceries, and other conveniences to our customers. The partnership with PolicyStreet is a longstanding one, and the existence of the Gig Workers’ Claims Portal was borne out of constant collaboration and feedback from both ends,” says Kelvin Chan, Director of Operations for foodpanda Malaysia.

“The parallel and symbiotic growth of PolicyStreet and foodpanda Malaysia is a paragon of the Malaysian tech ecosystem, and without them, we wouldn’t have been able to progress so far ahead in insuring our delivery partners,” he added.

Traditionally, delivery partners who receive insurance cannot monitor their coverage status and must undergo a complicated and time-consuming process to submit their insurance claims manually. This inefficiency results in opportunity costs for delivery partners and impacts their trust in the insurance coverage promised to them.

“When I contracted COVID-19, the first thing that came to mind was how it may affect my livelihood and my family. I understood that foodpanda offers insurance coverage for partners affected by COVID-19, but I was concerned that the reimbursement process would take too long and jeopardise my family’s financial situation. I’m glad that there is a new digital solution to expedite the claims process for gig workers,” says foodpanda delivery partner, Raudin Rashid Wan Idris.

“After getting into an accident and breaking my collarbone, I’ve found that this new digital solution will make the claim process both seamless and easy. I appreciate foodpanda and PolicyStreet’s efforts to care for us delivery partners’ wellbeing, and I’m looking forward to improved insurance operations and services with the upcoming Gig Workers’ Claims Portal,” adds foodpanda delivery partner, Muhammad Amir Bin Mohamad Asri.

From 29 November onwards, foodpanda Malaysia’s delivery partners can monitor and make insurance claims by logging onto foodpanda-claims.policystreet.com. To get in touch with us to adopt the Gig Workers’ Claims Portal, please contact PolicyStreet at policystreet.com/contact-us. 


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