Home Country Indonesia Nutrifood expands Tropicana Slim into almond drink

Nutrifood expands Tropicana Slim into almond drink

Nutrifood Indonesia has expanded the range of its Tropicana Slim plant-based series to almond milk. The new Tropicana Slim Almond Drink Chocolicious joins the current Tropicana Slim Oat Drink, both selling in a 190ml carton. The expansion into almond milk indicates positive response towards Tropicana Slim Oat Drink.

In another development, Nutrimart is having a promotion for its Tropicana Slim Oat Drink (190ml x 24 units) with a free Jelly Cleanser Smothinc. The collaboration speaks volume of the potential for companies selling healthy food and drinks in Indonesia to expand into the beauty and personal care segment. Both share the same segment of consumers who are interested in beauty and healthy foods.

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