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41% of Malaysians at Risk of Diabetes with Elevated Blood Glucose Levels

Sun Life Malaysia Takes Action to Support Proactive Screenings with Fourth Edition of Brighter Health Blood Glucose Screening Programme 

Kuala Lumpur, 14 July 2023 – With 41% of adult Malaysians teetering on the edge of diabetes, facing dangerously elevated blood glucose levels¹, the need for proactive screenings to identify pre-diabetes has never been more critical. With that in mind, Sun Life Malaysia, a leading life insurance and family takaful provider, is proud to announce the fourth edition of its nationwide Brighter Health Blood Glucose Screening Programme, which runs from July to October 2023, to help its Clients and Malaysians detect earlier the risks associated to diabetes.

The Brighter Health Blood Glucose Screening Programme is a cornerstone of Sun Life Malaysia’s ongoing endeavours to promote diabetes prevention awareness, positively impacting over 21,000 Malaysians since its inception in 2019.

Commenting on the significance of the programme, Raymond Lew, Sun Life Malaysia’s CEO and President/Country Head, said, “Diabetes has emerged as a life-threatening non-communicable disease, affecting many individuals and families in the country. Startling statistics from our 2022 programme revealed that over 40% of adults aged 40 and above had dangerously high blood glucose levels, compared to a shocking 15% in young adults aged 18 to 30. That’s why we remain committed to this programme which aims at educating and empowering as many people as possible on the importance of early detection and intervention in preventing diabetes.”

“Globally, Sun Life is at the forefront of promoting the awareness, prevention, care and research of diabetes to build stronger and healthier communities. In Malaysia, we have launched various community outreach initiatives to educate and support Malaysians in taking early preventive steps against type 2 diabetes and providing financial assistance to help those living with type 1 diabetes,” Lew added.

Sun Life Malaysia believes, through a simple finger prick to check blood glucose levels, individuals can effectively detect early signs of the disease, allowing timely intervention and mitigation of other severe health complications such as kidney failure, eye diseases, and cardiovascular issues.

This year, Sun Life Malaysia has once again joined forces with renowned health service providers – Walnut Wellness, Roche Malaysia, Health Lane Family Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and AM PM Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, to provide complimentary blood glucose screenings at 180 Health Lane Family Pharmacy and 47 AM PM Pharmacy participating outlets nationwide.

Health Lane Family Pharmacy and AM PM Pharmacy will conduct the blood glucose screening, while Roche Malaysia will provide the glucometer and testing strips. Participants will also receive from Roche Malaysia, a RM20 e-voucher via SMS to purchase the Accu-Chek Guide Me Standard Kit with 25 test strips at a discounted rate, upon completing the glucose screening.

Additionally, to emphasise the risks of diabetes to vision health, Malaysians will also have the opportunity to book a priority appointment to visit any of the 44 participating MOG Eyewear outlets across the country for a complimentary eye health assessment which includes a personalised eye profile consultation through their renowned 6-in-1 Vision Experience, valued at RM350.

“Sun Life Malaysia recognises that combating diabetes necessitates collaborative efforts involving the government, organisations, and individuals. Through our Brighter Health Blood Glucose Screening Programme, we aim to stimulate ongoing discussions surrounding this disease and, more importantly, inspire lasting behavioral changes to prevent diabetes,” Lew concluded.

For more information on the programme, visit  https://sunlife.co/SL-BH and Sun Life Malaysia’s social media pages or follow the hashtag #TeamUpAgainstDiabetes on social media.

To know more about Sun Life Malaysia, visit www.sunlifemalaysia.com


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