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Choose Quaker Red/White Multi-Grain for the goodness of TCM

In Malaysia, Quaker has released two new variants of its 5-in-1 Multi-Grain product: the Quaker 5 White Multi-Grain and Quaker 5 Red Multi-Grain. Both products incorporate the health wisdoms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and are certified halal.

The Quaker 5 White Multi-Grain is made with yam, coix, poria white flakes, coconut powder, and white kidney beans. It is a delicious, easy meal option that is filled with goodness for any time of the day. It has no sugar and zero preservative added, and it is 0g of trans fat. It is rich in vitamins B, protein, and minerals (iron and magnesium).

The Quaker 5 Red Multi-Grain is designed to nourish women’s inner health and express their beauty from the inside out. It has natural sweetness with no sugar added. The key ingredients are oats, red bean, red rice, red dates, longan, Chinese wolfberry, and nutritious premix powder.

Also available is the Quaker Chia Multi-Grain that consists of natural chia seeds and four nutritious grains: oats, barley, triticale and rye to support Consist of Natural Chia seeds and four nutritious grains: Oats , barley, triticale and rye for the daily nutritional needs.

Get yours now on PepsiCo Malaysia’s Shopee store.


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