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QSR Trading Ventures Into Beverage Offerings Through Partnership With World Renowned Akbar Tea

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 September 2023 – QSR Trading is thrilled to announce the arrival of Akbar Tea, a premium tea brand, to its portfolio of offerings. This marks a significant milestone as Akbar Tea becomes the first beverage brand to be taken on board by QSR Trading.

Starting from 12th September 2023, Akbar Tea will grace the shelves of leading supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide in addition to being made available for purchase via the QSRT Mart at https://www.qsrtmart.com.my/. This move comes as Malaysia becomes the newest market for Akbar Tea, which is already present in 100 countries worldwide.

The initial offerings in Malaysia will feature two distinct variants of black tea (Red & White and Gold Black Tea) and one variant of green tea. These teas will be available in two convenient pack sizes of 100 and 25 teabag packs respectively, catering to different consumer preferences.

Each of the three Akbar Tea variants presents unique properties that cater to different tastebuds. The Red & White Tea, cultivated in the lush mountains of Sri Lanka 2,000 feet above sea level, boasts a deep red colour with strong and smooth flavours. The Gold Black Tea, grown between 4,500 and 6,000 feet above ground in pristine air, offers a rich and robust flavour. Meanwhile, the Green Tea hails from the finest tea gardens of Yunnan and Jiangxi in eastern China, delighting with its lingering sweet taste and potent antioxidants.

QSR Trading General Manager Chan Chong Thye said “Akbar Tea embodies the changing perception of tea as a sensual and wellness drink, particularly among younger consumers.

“The decision to introduce Akbar Tea in Malaysia comes at a strategic time when the tea market in the country is on a steady growth trajectory.

“According to Nielsen IQ, the black tea category has seen 13.8% value growth and 7.5% volume growth as of Year to Date (YTD) March 2023. As such, QSR Trading aims to make its mark in this burgeoning segment by offering premium quality tea at affordable prices, providing a compelling choice for tea enthusiasts,” he said.

Akbar Tea is produced in the only carbon-inset factory in the world, boasting unmatched renewable energy credits in Sri Lanka and the region. Manufactured by Akbar Brothers (PVT) LTD, a pioneer in the tea industry established in 1969, Akbar Tea is a testament to the rich heritage and experience of its founding family, who have been part of the tea industry for over 100 years.

Commenting on the brand’s entry into the Malaysian market, Akbar Brothers’ director Mansoor Akbarally stated, “We are optimistic that our tea will grow from strength to strength with this exciting partnership with QSR Trading. With a strong and experienced partner by our side, we look forward to embracing the growing shift towards ethically sourced teas and complete supply chain transparency.

The prices for Akbar Tea products in Malaysia range from RM4.60 to RM5.55 per box for the 25teabags pack and RM12.60 to RM18.55 for the 100 teabags pack, making it accessible to tea enthusiasts across the country.


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