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Bring home Playmore Mango Stick Rice Gummy and more

Playmore Thailand has launched a unique Mango Sticky Rice Gummy as part of its Thai edition. This product is ideal as a souvenir for tourists who visit Thailand.

The company has launched a range of new products that can be overwhelming to keep track. The following are new launches in the past few months including Egg Gummy, Floating Hamster Marshmallow, Peeling Grape/Green Grape, Cooling Strawberry Candy, Magic Butter Drink, Lobster, sports gummy, Baby Duck 3D, Salmon Sushi, Fruity Gang, Blueberry and Grape Sour Gummy, Bread Baguette, Halloween, Jumbo Fried Egg, Gummy Block, Chicken Feet and Fruit Mix.

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