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New Nestle delight – Pinkfong peelable ice lolly

Image from Oh My Media (https://ohmymedia.cc/ais-loli-lejen-kupas-pisang-kini-kembali-order-je-dah-sampai-depan-rumah/)

The out-of-home ice cream market in Malaysia has become very competitive with brands out to compete with one another to bring the most unique products to consumers. Following Tealive x Wall’s milk tea boba ice cream, it is now Nestlé’s turn to introduce Pinkfong Wonderstar Split Ice Lolly, a peelable ice lolly that has garnered a lot of attention online. The confection with a vanilla centre comes with a grape flavoured jelly coating. The ice lolly is priced at RM 1.50.

The online bulk order of the new frozen confection has stopped as stock has run out due to high demand. Hopefully consumers can still get this frozen confection at physical stores.

Nestle has previously launched MAT KOOL Split, said to be the country’s first “peelable” jelly ice cream.

Click here to purchase Nestle ice cream on Lazada and on Shopee.


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