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New Nescafe lemon, grapefruit flavoured black coffee for summer

In China, Nescafe continues to experiment with unusual coffee flavour combination to attract young audience into the coffee category. This time, Nescafe has introduced lemon and grapefruit flavoured RTD black coffee. The RTD coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans and the drink has zero fat and is low in sugar. The freshening fruity tastes makes the black coffee ideal for summer time consumption. The fruity tastes also reduces the bitterness usually found in black coffee.

We have seen Nescafe innovated with various fruit combination in China and in Southeast Asia including citrus cold brew and peach and jasmine. Launched in China in April 2019, the fruity flavoured coffee mixes comprising green apple, pineapple-coconut and peach flavours were aimed at the summer occasion.

Image from Behance.net
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