Home Country Indonesia New Naraya Soya Kurma debuts at SIAL InterFOOD

New Naraya Soya Kurma debuts at SIAL InterFOOD

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

PT Interfood Sukses Jasindo, an Indonesian food and beverage importer and distributor, showcases its latest soy milk drink, Naraya Soya Kurma, at SIAL InterFOOD.

A soy milk containing kurma or dates manufactured by PT Maxmaster Indonesia, Naraya Soya Kurma appeals to consumers who want the goodness of kurma and a new soy milk flavour. It is ideal for Ramadan consumption as date is popularly consumed during the fasting month.

Naraya Soya Kurma contains 61.2% soybean and 1.3% date juice concentrate, with a total sugar content of 20g and protein content of 9g per 300ml serving.


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