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“M-150” Teams Up with “LOTTE”, Introducing the Ultimate Chewing Experience

M-150, Thailand’s number one energy drink, and Lotte, a renowned leader in chewing gum and snack innovations for over 40 years, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to introduce the new “Lotte Mixed Fruits Flavor Chewing Gum (M-150®)” under the concept of “energizing chewing sensation.” This new launch aims to spice up the gum market and reach out to a new generation of consumers.

Mr. Sadafumi Matsushita, Managing Director of Thai Lotte Company Limited, said “Lotte is a brand that never ceases to adapt. We constantly strive to develop new innovations, products, and flavors to create a sense of excitement for our consumers and the market and we always study the behaviors of chewing gum consumers. We found that Thai consumers enjoy new gum flavors and love to chew gums for refreshment. Therefore, we join hands with the M-150 brand, a well-known leading energy drink brand that has long captured the hearts of Thai consumers, to create buzz and a phenomenon in the chewing gum market by launching the new chewing gum with a fruity taste blended with a sweet iconic scent of the M-150 drink.”

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, Chief Executive Officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited, said “This collaboration with Lotte in creating a new gum-chewing phenomenon using the unique and legendary taste of the M150 drink will give a limitless freshness experience to consumers once again. We utilized the strengths of the two different products to create and enhance value for one another and generated buzz in the past.  Therefore, to build on our business, we continue adopting the collaboration strategy with partners from different industries in order to expand our consumer base by being part of every moment in the lives of our consumers.”

Experience the “energizing chewing sensation” and unleash the power of freshness with the new Lotte Mixed Fruits Flavor Chewing Gum (M-150®), available for 5 Baht (5 pieces per pack) at your local store.




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