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G&G operates 290 convenience stores in Myanmar

CDSG, which operates a chain of convenience stores under the “Grab & Go” or “G&G” brand in Myanmar, disclosed at Tastefully Myanmar that it currently has 290 outlets in the country as of end-February 2020. This makes G&G the country’s largest convenience store operator. Of the 290 outlets, 274 stores are operating directly by the company, while the remaining 16 stores are run by franchisees.

By region, Yangon has the largest number of stores at 224, followed by Mandalay with 54 outlets, Naypyidaw with 8 stores and the remaining places with 4 outlets.

G&G’s mission is “to be the destination for consumers, which aim to offer the best ready-to-eat (RTE) and e-services in all G&G stores.”

G&G is backed by its parent company CDSG, which is strong in distribution with a distribution network reaching more than 90% of the country. The Premier coffee brand and Wah-Lah instant noodles are all under CDSG.


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