Home Country Malaysia Wonderbrew has a new festive delight Juniper & Rosemary Kombucha

Wonderbrew has a new festive delight Juniper & Rosemary Kombucha

With the year-end holiday season around the corner, the Malaysian homegrown kombucha brand Wonderbrew has introduced its latest flavour Juniper & Rosemary. The drink is described as “a zesty and citrusy delight with a subtle earthy undertone — the perfect choice for those who appreciate an extra hint of spiciness”.

Wonderbrew Juniper & Rosemary is available only in West Malaysia. Click here to buy now.

As more shelf-stable kombucha hits the Malaysian market, Wonderbrew, the maker of unpasteurised kombucha drink, is taking the lead to educate consumers about the difference between raw and processed kombucha. According to Wonderbrew, raw kombucha remains unpasteurized, preserving its natural vitamins and enzymes. Additionally, raw kombucha boasts entirely natural ingredients.

Processed kombucha, on the other hand, has the advantage in storage as it does not need to be refrigerated.

Consumers must consider various factors when making their choices.


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