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Pos Malaysia Issues Special “Palestin Merdeka” Stamp & First Day Cover

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 December 2023 – Pos Malaysia Berhad (“Pos Malaysia” or “the Group”), the national post and parcel service provider, unveiled the “Palestin Merdeka” stamp at a launch event today. The “Palestin Merdeka” stamp showcases a powerful image – a hand waving the Palestinian flag, set against a silhouette of people representing a united crowd. This poignant depiction symbolises the collective aspirations of Malaysians for lasting peace.

The first day cover features a white dove gracefully holding an olive branch — the universally recognised symbol of peace. A pair of hands tenderly clasping each other on the folder cover signifies Malaysia’s deep commitment for peace while the Keffiyeh motif used in the background is a symbol of persistence and solidarity.

The stamp launch was officiated by YB Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications. Present at the event were YBhg. Tan Sri Syed Faisal Albar, Chairman, Pos Malaysia, and Charles Brewer, Group Chief Executive Officer, Pos Malaysia.

Minister of Communications, YB Fahmi Fadzil reaffirmed the government’s steadfast commitment to supporting Palestine, commending Pos Malaysia for its impactful demonstration of solidarity. He said the introduction of the Palestin Merdeka stamp not only showcases compassion but also provides Malaysians with a tangible means to express solidarity with the people of Palestine amidst the current challenges. This initiative serves as a powerful reminder of the shared aspiration among Malaysians for humanity to transcend borders, symbolising a united stand for a cause that extends beyond national boundaries.

Pos Malaysia is proud to support the Madani Government with the launch of this special stamp collection. Leveraging the artistry of philately, the Group stands united in its advocacy for peace, justice, and a brighter future for all. Pos Malaysia proudly embraces the power of stamps to convey messages of hope across borders and foster global understanding.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Palestinian Humanitarian Trust Fund (Akaun Amanah Kemanusiaan Palestin) which is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The funds will be channelled through the Ops Ihsan initiative, a collaboration between the Malaysian Government and 53 humanitarian NGOs to deliver humanitarian aid and assistance to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The “Palestin Merdeka” stamps will be available for purchase online at www.pos.com.my/shop and at Pos Malaysia General Post Offices and Philatelic Bureaus beginning 18 January 2024. The stamp has a face value of RM1.30, while the First Day Cover and Folder will retail at RM0.50 and RM6.00 respectively. The stamps are also available for purchase in stamp sheet format, with 20 stamps per sheet, priced at RM26.00.

Stamp enthusiasts can sign up for the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) for a hassle-free process in purchasing the latest stamp issues as well as enjoying exclusive benefits offered by SODA. Those interested to be part of the SODA community can do so by signing up at any post office nationwide or online at www.posonline.com.my.

For further enquiries regarding stamps and other philatelic products, the Stamp and Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia can be reached via telephone at 03-2267 2000 or email filateli@pos.com.my.

Stay up to date with Pos Malaysia’s services, activities, and other updates at www.pos.com.my, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and Linkedin.


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