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Rezza extends into sterilised milk

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Rezza, known for its ready meals and innovative products based on ‘Ikan Haruan (Snakehead)’ and ‘Belut (Eel),’ has recently launched sterilised milk in the Malaysian market. 

Sterilised milk is a type of milk that has been treated with intense heat to kill all living microorganisms, including bacteria and spores. This process, known as sterilisation, makes the milk shelf-stable, meaning it can be stored at room temperature for months without spoiling.

Sterilised milk is still a niche product in Malaysia and is less famous than UHT milk. As a popular drink, UHT milk retains more of the original flavour and a thinner texture than sterilised milk.

Rezza Sterilised Milk is fortified with vitamins and comes in various flavours including strawberry, honeydew, chocolate and plain.

Rezza Sterilised Milk Plain contains treated water, milk solids, sweet creamer, permitted flavour, sweetener (INS 955 or sucralose), stabiliser and is enriched with multivitamins. .

Based on a serving size of 248ml, Rezza Sterilised Milk Plain has 11g of total sugar, including 3g of added sugar and 7g of protein.

The sterilised milk is made by Rezza Productive (M) Sdn Bhd and distributed by Koperasi Majlis Pengetua Sekolah Malaysia Kebangsaan Berhad, which means education institutions are a key target, and Hit Drinks Sdn Bhd. The drink is sold online www.rezzabrand.com.my or WhatsApp 0175853580.

Rezza has the production facility to produce various food and beverage products, and the sterilised milk demonstrates its capability and range extension.




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