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CP Foods Unveils 100% Recycled PET Plastic Egg Tray Packaging in Thailand

Thursday 04 January 2024 – Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) announces the launch of its new egg tray packaging, made entirely from 100% recycled plastic. This move highlights the company’s commitment to heart-healthy food production and environmental sustainability. By adopting the principles of the circular economy, CP Foods aims to foster efficient resource utilization and encourage consumer participation in global conservation efforts, expanding its range of low-carbon food products.

Kitti Wangwiwatsilp, Director of Strategic Packaging R&D and Innovation at CP Foods, underscores the company’s initiative in developing eco-friendly food packaging. Collaborating with partners, CP Foods is working to increase the use of recycled materials in various packaging types. The fresh chicken egg packaging is made from 100% recycled PET plastic, which includes 55% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and 45% post-industrial recycled (PIR) waste. A noteworthy feature of the design is the use of paper labels instead of plastic stickers, aiding in waste separation and recycling processes. These sustainable egg trays, made from 100% recycled plastic, are now available in retail stores across Thailand.

CP Foods ensures the safety and quality of its recycled plastic packaging through rigorous external laboratory certification, confirming that the recycled materials used are safe and do not compromise the quality of the food.

“Using recycled plastic for our fresh egg trays significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to new plastic packaging,” says Mr. Kitti. “These fully recycled material trays decrease emissions by 29%.”

Since 2020, CP Foods has also been committed to using recycled paper packaging, including 30-egg trays and smaller packs for 4 and 10 eggs. This initiative is part of the company’s broader effort to develop environmentally friendly packaging solutions for various food products, catering to the growing market of health-conscious and eco-aware consumers.

In conclusion, Mr. Kitti highlights CP Foods’ awareness of its environmental impact and its responsibility in shaping a sustainable future. He emphasizes the need for collective action across all sectors of society, including industry, consumers, and the entire value chain. The introduction of recycled egg tray packaging is a significant step in CP Foods’ journey towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations.


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