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Spice Up the Year of the Dragon with “Mala Hot Pot Noodles” from AirAsia! Be Refreshed by Yuzu Lemon Tea

Tuesday 16 January 2024 – AirAsia heralds a fortune-filled Year of the Dragon with the new menu item “Mala Hot Pot Noodles,” an authentic Sichuan style soup complete with chewy egg noodles, vegetables and an assortment of meatballs. Cool off with new drink “Yuzu Lemon Tea,” a premium rooibos tea given the tang of yuzu and lemon as well as AirAsia’s legendary tapioca pearls. Guests can find both on Thai AirAsia (FD) and Thai AirAsia X (XJ) flights this January through March 2024 only.

Ms. Ornanong Methapipattanakul, Director of in-flight products and services for AirAsia Thailand, highlighted that “The Year of the Dragon is all about reinforcing good fortune and positive energy, which is why AirAsia is introducing a new noodle dish to our menu, honoring the belief that long noodles bring long life and prosperity. Available for the first time on AirAsia flights, the airline’s Mala Hot Pot Noodles were crafted in collaboration with See Fah to be just the right amount of spicy for Thai palates. A refreshing contrast, this quarter will also see Yuzu Lemon Tea being offered. The delicious drink boasts a distinct hue perfect for social media snapshots.

“Our goal is to be more than just a travel provider, we want to bring color and novelty to our passengers, which is why we develop new menu items every quarter. While it’s challenging, our fans highly anticipate our creations. This time, we’re using the tangy spice of Mala to offer travelers a new sensation. The addition is available on both Thai AirAsia and Thai AirAsia X flights now through March” Ms Ornanong said.

Ms. Nitta Rachjaibun Nuntakwang, Chief Executive Officer of See Fah Group, said that “See Fah has been a brand long in the hearts of people with a passion for food and has been developing dishes with AirAsia for over 15 years. The restaurant is well-versed in the style and flavors that AirAsia fans appreciate and created this quarter’s Mala Hot Pot Noodles to meet expectations. On top of being delicious, the noodles are made to exacting health and safety standards that extend from preparation to inflight service.”

On top of the two highlights of Mala Hot Pot Noodles and Yuzu Lemon Tea for January-March 2024, the airline is also featuring Coconut Juice, Coconut Americano, Americano, Latte, Mocha and “Santan Captain” freeze-dried coffee, as well as “Santan Allstars” Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee capsules with scents of lemon grass, honey and water chestnut.

Don’t miss Mala Hot Pot Noodles by pre-ordering them via airasia MOVE (formerly airasia SuperApp) or www.airasia.com.


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