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Huat Your Lay’s Fortune this Chinese New Year

PepsiCo Malaysia has launched Lay’s festive packs, including the Lay’s CNY Big Pack Box (170g x 3) and the Lay’s CNY Variety Pack (28.3g x 10). The Lay’s CNY Variety Pack comes with a box that can be crafted into a dragon.

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

The highlight of Lay’s Chinese New Year 2024 marketing is the #HuatYourLaysFortune campaign, where consumers can win great prizes by scanning their Lay’s chips and sharing their reading on their Facebook & Instagram feeds.

Scan the QR or visit https://lays.2024cny.com/ to get started.

Shop for Lay’s potato chips at PepsiCo Malaysia’s official store on Shopee now


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