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itsherbs.com launches TCM popcorns in new packaging

不是中藥 itsherbs.com, a Malaysian company with a mission to cater traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for modern people, has unveiled TCM popcorn in a new packaging. The company has changed the previous packaging from a canister to a resealable pack format. As a result of the pack change, the size of the popcorn is now reduced from 350g to 150g to make it more convenient for consumers to eat. The TCM popcorns are a collaboration with Samp’s Kitchen.

The TCM popcorns are available in two flavours, hawthorn (山楂) and eight herbs (八珍 or ba zheng), traditionally consumed to restore energy and nourish the blood. 

The East meets West theme is popular in snack innovation, with PepsiCo successfully turning Chinese yam (山药) into a popular snack in China.

itsherbs.com is also selling Herbs Meat Jerky Bakkwa (不是一般肉干), which is a TCM jerky in two variants and in stripes:

Jujube Longan Bakkwa (红枣桂圆肉干) is made from pork/chicken, sugar, fish sauce, spices, jujube, dried longan.

Dried Tangerine Peel Haw Flake Bakkaw (陈皮山楂肉干) is a new flavour and is made from pork, sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce, spices, haw flakes, dried tangerine peel. The herbs dried meat comes in stripes. 

The TCM dried meat is a collaboration with Muar Yuen Chen Siang (麻坡源珍香).

Apart from the TCM popcorns and dried meat, itsherbs.com has unveiled freeze-dried herb bird nests that need hot water.

Buy them now on itsherbs.com’s Shopee store.


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