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Returning 22 – 25 October 2024: FHA-HoReCa partners with Worldchefs Congress & Expo to host the acclaimed Global Chefs Challenge Finals for the first time!

Global Chef Challenge Finals 2022
  • An expansion from Food&HotelAsia (FHA), FHA-HoReCa tradeshow will take place 22-25 October 2024 in Singapore with an expected turnout of over 40,000 attendees.
  • The expo also brings with it the biggest competition for chefs, Global Chefs Challenge Finals 2024, alongside the first finals of the newest Global Vegan Chefs Challenge category.

SINGAPORE, 12th October 2023 – Come 2024, FHA-HoReCa, Asia’s most comprehensive and premier hospitality event, will partner with World Association of Chefs Societies – Worldchefs – a global leading organization that brings together global chef delegates and professionals, to host Singapore’s first-ever Global Chefs Challenge Finals.

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will feature the top 72 chefs from 25 countries, selected based on their outstanding performance at the Worldchefs Regional Semi-Finals that took place in 2023. These culinary talents will compete head-to-head at the Global Chef Challenge Finals, scheduled to take place at the Singapore Expo from 22 October to 25, 2024.

FHA-HoReCa trade show is Asia’s most comprehensive international trade show covering 5 key segments – Bakery, Pastry & Gelato; Foodservice & Hospitality Equipment; Hospitality Style; Hospitality Technology and Specialty Coffee in a single platform. This event brings over 40,000 hospitality and foodservice professionals from around the world.

Ian Roberts, Vice President of Informa Markets said, “With the dynamic partnership of FHA-HoReCa and the Worldchefs Congress, we’re not just setting a place at the table; we’re creating a feast of innovation, excellence, and culinary mastery that will reverberate throughout the industry. In 2024, the Global Chef Challenge will ignite the culinary world, and together, we’ll redefine the art of gastronomy on a global scale, inspiring chefs, tantalizing taste buds, and shaping the future of the culinary industry like never before.”

“SCA has a strong history of partnering FHA in the organization of culinary competitions over the decades. We also have also strongly supported the Global Chefs Challenges by sending competitors.  So we are pleased and excited to support this important culinary competition in our country,” says President of Singapore Chefs’ Association, Eric Neo.

Launch of Global Vegan Chefs Challenge in the Global Chefs Challenge Finals

The 2024 Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see the world’s top chefs meet to compete in four competition categories:

  • Global Vegan Chefs Challenge
  • Global Pastry Chefs Challenge
  • Global Young Chefs Challenge
  • Global Chefs Challenge

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see its newest category Global Vegan Chefs Challenge’s first finals. This competition features innovative chefs who will showcase vegan culinary skills. Their plates must exclude animal proteins while creatively and tastily combining key vegan ingredients.

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler states, “The Global Vegan Chefs Challenge will be an exciting opportunity for Worldchefs members interested in expanding and showcasing their expertise and knowledge of Vegan Cuisine, and this particular category will support our mission as leaders in global culinary advancement and culinary competitions.”

Global Pastry Chefs Challenge Americas Regional Semi-Finals 2023

The Global Pastry Chefs Challenge features the crème de la crème in pastry competition.  Competitors strive to meet the standards of the world’s most modern patisseries, enticing the five senses through their knowledge, extraordinary technique, and versatility.

The Global Young Chefs Challenge features emerging talents who are 25 years of age or younger. The top Young Chef winner will be awarded the Hans Bueschkens Trophy, named after Chef Hans J. Bueschkens, the former president of Worldchefs, who championed the development of programs aimed at promoting and nurturing young individuals for careers in the culinary industry.

In the Global Chefs Challenge, participants demonstrate their culinary skills in high-pressure situations, showcasing their ability to adapt under pressure. Their creations must not only be appetizing and flavorful but also exhibit exemplary plating for efficient service.

Worldchefs Congress, a Hallmark Tradition for culinary Innovators

Making its return to Singapore soil since its first exposition in Singapore in 1990, the Worldchefs Congress is set to take place in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre across three days from 20-22 October 2024. This event is also supported by the Singapore Chefs’ Association, a chef association member of Worldchefs.

Worldchefs Congress & Expo is a biennial event and delivers a unique programme to for industry leaders to network, bond, and improve their knowledge. This includes presentations and workshops from leading experts in the industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, the Global Chefs Challenge Finals culinary competition, an international trade exhibition, and diverse activities to enhance both your personal and professional network.


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