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Dessert Lab “A Culinary Ode to Tradition and Togetherness in the Heart of Malaysia”

Kuala Lumpur, 31 Jan 2024 – Nestled in the vibrant heart of Malaysia, Dessert Lab stands as a symbol of culinary heritage and innovation. This Chinese New Year, under the leadership of wife-husband duo; Christmas Leong and David Chan, Dessert Lab proudly unveils a special menu, a blend of flavours that resonate with Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry.

Christmas Leong, a culinary visionary trained in Guangdong, together with her husband David Chan, has infused each dessert with stories and memories. One of their signature dishes, the tangerine peel red bean paste, features decade-aged Chen Pi sourced directly from Chinese farms, bridging traditions across lands.

“As we celebrate the Lunar New Year, Dessert Lab becomes a melting pot of cultures, a place where each spoonful is steeped in history and love,” says Christmas Leong. “We’re thrilled to share our culinary journey with you, a journey that’s not just about food but about the bonds and stories that bring us together.”

The culinary team at Dessert Lab has explored ancient recipes, and some of it is said to be once-upon-a-time savoured by Chinese emperors, to bring wealth and well-being in the new year!

“Our themed desserts, crafted with care for the Chinese New Year festivities, are deeply rooted in tradition and auspiciousness,” says David Chan.

Each dessert at Dessert Lab pays homage to the time-honoured customs of the Lunar New Year. They are imbued with ingredients and symbolism long cherished for their ability to bestow good fortune and health. Adorned with auspicious symbols, these desserts offer our patrons a way to reconnect with these traditions and savour the age-old blessings they represent.

Testimonials from our beloved customers echo this sentiment, sharing how each visit to Dessert Lab feels like a step into a world where tradition meets modernity, where every bite tells a story. Our signature comfort food, made with specially sourced noodles, has become a staple for our returning customers, each visit a reaffirmation of their love for our story.

Join us at Dessert Lab for a taste of history, a celebration of culture, and a blessing for the year to come. Let every spoonful be a step towards a prosperous and joyous 2024.


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