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Thai Food Mill Association Urges Expedited Adoption of Good Agricultural Practice Standards for Corn Cultivation

The Thai Food Mill Association (TFMA) is actively advocating for the Thai government to expedite the widespread implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards for animal feed crop cultivation across the nation. This crucial step is necessary to combat the alarming levels of PM 2.5 pollution. The TFMA has been diligently working to discourage corn farming in forest areas prone to illegal clearing and burning for the past decade.

Recognizing the severe environmental impacts caused by improper corn cultivation practices, TFMA is urging the government to fast-track the adoption of GAP standards. By embracing these standards, Thailand can effectively mitigate the harmful PM 2.5 pollution and promote sustainable farming practices.

President of the Thai Food Mill Association (TFMA), Pornsil Patcharintanakul, emphasizes the critical need for implementing GAP standards to enhance the production efficiency of animal feed crops and to prohibit the burning of agricultural waste. These measures are expected to boost productivity, reduce costs, and effectively combat PM2.5 pollution.

The TFMA emphasizes its commitment to policies and systems that ensure the traceability of corn sourcing. TFMA members are prepared to collaborate with neighboring nations on innovative solutions to address the issue of haze spreading across national boundaries. By working together, regional stakeholders can minimize the adverse effects of air pollution and create a healthier environment for all.

TFMA urges the Thai government to prioritize the implementation of GAP standards for corn cultivation nationwide. By doing so, Thailand can effectively combat PM 2.5 pollution, reduce illegal clearing and burning activities in forested areas, and establish a more sustainable agricultural sector.

About the Thai Food Mill Association:
The Thai Food Mill Association (TFMA) is an industry association representing and advocating for the interests of the Thai food milling sector. TFMA is committed to promoting responsible and sustainable practices within the industry and strives to enhance the quality and safety of food products across Thailand.


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