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Pos Malaysia’s Raja Ahmad Hidzir Named One of HR Icons 2024 in Malaysia

Raja Ahmad Hidzir Bin Raja Muhamad, the Group Chief People Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad

Raja Ahmad Hidzir Bin Raja Muhamad, the Group Chief People Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad has been named one of Malaysia’s HR Icons 2024 by ETHRWorld Southeast Asia.

His career began at Edaran Otomobil Nasional Berhad (EON) a DRB-HICOM subsidiary, and various other companies. Raja found his professional calling at Pos Malaysia in late 2022, drawn by the company’s transformative journey. Over the years, he has successfully addressed challenges in employee engagement, navigating organisational changes, and fostering a positive workplace culture. Raja’s success is rooted in values such as honesty, discipline and positivity, which he shares as inspirational guidance.

In his role at Pos Malaysia, Raja’s strategic hiring processes and initiatives for employee retention emphasise transparent communication, cultural fit, and values alignment. His leadership style promotes an inclusive and thriving workplace environment, has contributed to a remarkable Engagement Score of 76% in 2023 on Kyzense, Pos Malaysia’s employee engagement mobile app. Raja’s commitment extends beyond policies, focusing on values like respect, regular checkins (Wira connect), and an open feedback culture, contributing to the People division’s remarkable teamwork.

Pos Malaysia’s cultural transformation journey towards employee engagement excellence,
epitomised by the innovative Certified Wira Programme – a visionary undertaking designed to inspire and empower every member of the Pos Malaysia team. The Certified Wira Programme has revolutionised the way Pos Malaysia employees perceive themselves and their roles within the organisation. This programme underscores the organisation’s steadfast commitment to reshaping its culture, nurturing engagement, delivering service quality to customers and achieving remarkable results within the swiftly changing landscape of the modern world.

Through focus on service quality and enhanced customer experience, the company has upheld its reputation as a trusted service provider. This is evident in the MCMC Courier Challenge survey, where Pos Malaysia achieved a remarkable 96% in ‘guaranteed delivery performance,’ surpassing the industry average of 78%.

Beyond the professional sphere, Raja’s passions for football, newfound interest in running, and love for reading offer a glimpse into his personal interests. Family, especially his mother, holds a special place in his heart. Raja is succinctly described by five words: football, introvert, direct, facts, and fast. His passion for building trust to connect lives and businesses for a better tomorrow, coupled with his commitment to establishing a thriving workplace, makes him a notable figure in Malaysia’s HR landscape.


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