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CP Foods Supports Farmers with Recycled Water Sharing to Enhance Drought Resilience

19 Feb 2024 

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is actively providing treated water from its layer complexes’ biogas production system to assist local farmers in growing their crops. This effort is part of the ‘Recycled Water Sharing’ program, designed to mitigate the impact of water scarcity during drought season.

Mr. Somkid Wannalukkhee, the Head of the Layer Business at CP Foods, acknowledges the severe water shortages faced by farmers nearby the Layer Complexes, which involve layer hen farming and egg sorting operations. In response, the layer business units of CP Foods have supplied biogas-treated wastewater for crop irrigation. In 2023, five-layer complexes distributed approximately 181,000 cubic meters of water, benefiting crops over an area exceeding 145 rai, including oil palm, watermelon, pumpkin, sugarcane, corn, and Napier grass. This initiative has played a crucial role in ensuring a reliable water source for the farming communities.

CP Foods adheres to a ‘Zero Discharge’ policy, preventing the release of treated wastewater from its poultry farms and processing plants. The company utilizes the recycled water for watering trees and gardens within its operations. The operations also share the treated water to nearby farmers to sustain their crops through tough drought conditions.

The farmers have experienced this treated water from biogas system have nutrient-rich as ‘Fertilizer Water,’ containing three key organic nutrients vital for crop growth. This has led to increased crop productivity and reduced fertilizer costs.

One of the beneficiaries, La Dunai, who manages 10 rai of oil palm trees, has experienced a 20% boost in yield and income by watering his crops from the Chana Layer Complex. He aims to extend the use of the recycled water to his watermelon fields for similar benefits.

Wirot Jaiduong, a Napier grass farmer in Sankamphaeng District, Chiang Mai, uses the treated wastewater from Sankamphaeng’s Layer Complex for his six rai of crops, enabling up to four harvests a year and significantly lowering his fertilizer expenses. He has expressed gratitude towards CP Foods for this support, which has significantly increased his yields and alleviated the effects of drought.

For over two decades, CP Foods has launched its “Recycled Water Sharing” project, which began by distributing treated water from biogas production systems at its pig farms. The initiative has since expanded to layer operations and processing plants, further assisting farmers. This project is aligned with the company’s dedication to the 3Rs principle—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—with the aim of maximizing water resource efficiency throughout its operations. Biogas systems are employed to manage waste from operations, effectively reducing odors and converting wastewater into renewable energy to be used within operations. The recycled water from biogas system is utilized for watering plant’s purpose and provided to farmers during periods of drought.


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