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De-stress and positively relaxed with TranQuini

TranQuini, the premium relaxation drink from Austria, is spreading its wings in Asia with the launch in India and Singapore in 2016 and in Indonesia in 2017. Functional relaxation drink is a new category in most markets in Asia including in Indonesia.

Suntory Good Mood drink, launched in Indonesia in the first half of 2017, is nothing like TranQuini, which comes with specific ingredients that claim to help you to tackle stress and unwind. The key ingredients are:

  • Green tea extract containing natural theanine.
  • Herbal blend of lemon balm, chamomile, lavender.
  • Vitamin B12.

TranQuini is distributed in Indonesia by PT Dima Indonesia, which focuses on distributing premium alcoholic beverages (Guinness and Smirnoff), wine and non-alcoholic drinks and food (Pokka, Julie’s and Prendjak).

Trademark registered in August 2015

As early as 2015, TranQuini Gmbh has already registered the TranQuini logo with the Indonesian authority in August. Click here for the link. TranQuini was first launched in April 2015 and already had an ambitious plan to enter 50 countries by the end of 2016.

What Mini Me thinks

Consumers need to de-stress and positively relaxed from the hectic life. The high price points means TranQuini’s availability is restricted to premium retailers such as Foodhall within reach of white-collar workers.


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