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Ichitan giving energy drink another go with new Tan Power

Image by Ichitan

Ichitan is shaking up the energy drink market again with Tan Power, a new THB 10 glass-bottled drink aiming to fill the gap in the affordable segment as competitors prioritize premium offerings.

Ichitan previously launched T247 Collagen + Zinc Energy Drink and T247 Ginseng + Honey Energy Drink in PET bottle in 2017.

Inspired by the “No Surrender in Life” concept, Tan Power boasts a refreshing taste and added B vitamins, catering specifically to blue-collar workers, the backbone of energy drink consumption.

The packaging contains the image of Tan Passakornnate, the founder and CEO of Ichitan and a self-made business tycoon. Having him on the product packaging and naming the product after himself strongly appeals to consumers who want to become like him.

Ichitan is eyeing the traditional trade channel to reach out to blue-collar workers who are the mainstay consumers of energy drinks.

Energy drink brands are focusing beyond the blue-collar segment, fueling new consumption occasions that require greater use of mental energy such as cognitive performance. However, the ‘tradies’ are still the core energy drink consumers, and brands will need to put extra effort into targeting them.

Brands targeting blue-collar workers need to ensure their energising beverages can deliver immediate effect.


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