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The Tapping Tapir launches gutC Peach Prebiotic Soda

The Tapping Tapir has just launched the gutC Peach Prebiotic Soda as the answer to fibre-rich carbonated soft drinks in Malaysia. We have seen the explosion of prebiotic soda in the US, led by Olipop and Poppi, but we have yet to see something similar here in Malaysia. The Coca-Cola Co didn’t make its Coca-Cola Fiber+ available in Malaysia.

gutC Peach Prebiotic Soda contains vitamin C (300% RDI) and prebiotic to improve gut health, help with digestion and immunity. The drink includes a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for that extra kick.

In the US, poppi contains agave inulin, apple cider vinegar and fruit juice to provide the soda feels with 25 calories or less and 5g of sugar.

The success of prebiotic soda in the US boils down to permissibility, affordability and great taste. In Asia, fiber-rich soda is usually communicated to consume at mealtime to suppress fat absorption. We don’t see this association with mealtime in the West.

As a natural craft soda maker, Tapping Tapir is surprisingly pricing gutC Peach Prebiotic Soda at RM 39 for a pack of 12 cans, equivalent to RM 3.25 per can. This price point ensures gutC Peach Prebiotic has a mainstream appeal.


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