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Spice Up Your Ramadan: Pizza Hut Indonesia Introduces Pedas Nusantara – A Flavorful Fusion for Family Bonding

JAKARTA, IndonesiaMarch 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Commemorating the holy month of Ramadan, Pizza Hut Indonesia (PHI), the country’s leading halal-certified pizza pioneer with a 40-year history, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the “Pedas Nusantara” series. The limited-time-only menu is offering a fusion of Indonesia’s local flavors with the international appeal of pizza. The Pedas Nusantara series will be available from March 4th to April 28th, 2024, across all Pizza Hut locations in Indonesia (Pizza Hut Indonesia Restaurants, Pizza Hut Delivery and Ristorante).

Celebrate Ramadan and savor the mouthwatering flavors of Pedas Nusantara in the nearest Pizza Hut Indonesia restaurant or order through the Pizza Hut Indonesia app or www.pizzahut.co.id

The Pedas Nusantara series is Pizza Hut Indonesia’s way of recognizing the deep significance of Ramadan in Indonesian families while paying tribute to the nation’s rich culinary heritage. Beyond its spicy meaning, “Pedas” resonates with the notion of “mulut pedas” reflecting the tendency to speak harshly—a phenomenon prevalent among Indonesians, especially within familial relationships.

Acknowledging this, PHI aims to shed light on the underlying care and affection behind such words. Often, these expressions stem from genuine concern and affection. As Ramadan symbolizes a period of introspection, compassion, and forgiveness, it serves as a poignant reminder for families to come together, forgive each other, and strengthen their bonds.

“We’re excited to introduce the Pedas Nusantara series—a tantalizing fusion of spices atop our cheese and chicken karaage pizzas, pioneering a new culinary experience. This Ramadan, as customers indulge in our flavorful offerings, we hope they will also embrace forgiveness and nurture stronger family bonds. Let us unite in celebrating tradition, igniting cherished moments, and delighting taste buds across Indonesia,” says Boy Lukito, Director of Operations of Pizza Hut Indonesia.

The Pedas Nusantara series features a tantalizing blend of sambal-infused dishes, paying homage to the diverse flavors of the Indonesian archipelago. Reflecting Indonesia’s penchant for spicy cuisine, PHI is infusing several of its signature dishes with sambal, including QU4RTZA and L1MO Pizza, which will be topped with karaage chicken, cheese, and four distinct sambal varieties: sambal kemangisambal cabe ijosambal matah, and sambal bawang. Other highlights from the Pedas Nusantara series include Wingstreet Pedas, presenting succulent Wingstreet chicken paired with a choice of the four available sambal varieties. While Kenduri Pedas presents a savory ensemble of karaage chicken atop rice, divided into four sections, each adorned with different sambals, ideals for 2-4 people to share and enjoy. For those seeking a satisfying meal, a single-serving Paket Pedas Puas offers karaage chicken served with rice, lalapan, and a refreshing beverage, accompanied by a choice of sambal.

Elevating the dining experience further, Pizza Hut’s Ristorante presents the QU4RTZA Pedas Nusantara, Salmon Sambal Rice, and Sambal Fish and Chips, combining premium ingredients with the bold flavors of sambal. Complementing the fiery fare, PHI introduces two new limited-time beverages: Es Kembang Gula and Es Mangga Kocok. These refreshing concoctions serve as the perfect companions for breaking the fast, enhancing moments of togetherness and celebration.

To complement the Pedas Nusantara experience, PHI is introducing a range of promotions during Ramadan. Among them is “Munggahan”, featuring savory karaage chicken served atop a 1-meter bed of rice accompanied by four distinct sambals. This offer is available for groups of 8-10 dining in until March 10, 2024.

Find more Pizza Hut Indonesia promotions and updates for Ramadan by following the Instagram official account at www.instagram.com/pizzahut.indonesia


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