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Fortify your fast this Ramadan with the Limited Edition F&N MAGNOLIA Kurma Real Dates Low Fat Milk

Cherished moments for harmonious get-togethers and bonds of kinship

Singapore, 11 March 2024  – Supporting the body’s nutritional requirements is crucial when Muslims observe the fast during the month of Ramadan. The Limited Edition F&N MAGNOLIA Kurma Real Dates Low Fat Milk, with its creamy and rich flavour, makes its return with a fresh new look while retaining its wholesome goodness this Ramadan. It serves as the perfect beverage for Sahur (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (breaking of the fast meal) throughout the fasting month. This all-natural, delicious drink is made from just two ingredients – creamy low-fat milk and nutritious real kurma, or dates, without any additives. 

Ramadan holds immense significance for the Muslim community in Singapore and worldwide. The month is highly regarded as a time for spiritual reflection and self-discipline. It is also observed as a month of harmonious get-togethers and bonds of kinship. Ramadan transforms the dining table at home into a point of unity as families, friends, and loved ones congregate for Sahur at pre-dawn, and gather again to break their fast over the Iftar meal as the sun sets. Such gatherings embody the spirit of togetherness, reinforcing social ties and instilling a sense of belonging and community among adherents, making Ramadan a cherished time of year.

Kurma, or dates as they’re known to the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore, are a global Ramadan must-have, served on dining tables worldwide during the fasting month. Families, friends and neighbours come together with servings of kurma to observe the time to break their fast. Kurma is also essential for nourishment during sahur, preparing the young and old before starting their fast at dawn. 

Highly regarded as a nutritious superfood, dates are enjoyed as a snack and a natural sweetener in many dishes and desserts. Dates are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, dietary fibre, fatty acids, and amino acids; meeting the essential daily human nutritional requirements.1

Scientific researches have shown that dates have a high antioxidant content, surpassing other fruits in polyphenol levels.2 They are also known to contain significant amounts of vitamins A and K, crucial antioxidants for protecting cells from oxidative damage. Iron, naturally occurring in dates, is a vital mineral crucial for red blood cell formation and preventing anaemia.4

This Ramadan, F&N MAGNOLIA invites you to get together with family, friends, and loved ones for Iftar and Sahur over the delectable and nourishing Limited Edition F&N MAGNOLIA Kurma Real Dates Low Fat Milk. Embrace a month of meaningful fasting with the wholesome delight of F&N MAGNOLIA, a brand that stands as an unwavering beacon of trusted goodness across generations.

The 946 ml pack of the Limited Edition F&N MAGNOLIA Kurma Real Dates Low Fat Milk, accorded with B on the Nutri-Grade scale, is available at the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$4.60 at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets. F&N MAGNOLIA products are halal-certified and are available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts, and provision shops.

For more information, please visit the following official websites and social media platforms:

●      Official website: www.magnolia.com.sg

●      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fnnmagnolia/

●      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magnoliasg


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