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Old Seng Choong and White Rabbit by Hao Food SG Unveil the Irresistible White Rabbit Milk Tarts

Image credit: Old Seng Choong

Singapore, 26 March 2024 – Two iconic heritage brands renowned for their nostalgic appeal, Old Seng Choong and White Rabbit creamy candy, imported into Singapore by official distributor Hao Food SG, have joined forces to create a delectable treat for a delightful walk down memory lane.

The limited-edition White Rabbit Milk Tarts (大白兔奶挞), a perfect fusion of the well-loved White Rabbit candy and homegrown bakery, Old Seng Choong’s traditional pastry, will make its debut on 29 March 2024.

First established in the 1950s, the rich, milky and chewy White Rabbit candy wrapped in its iconic edible rice paper is an all-time favourite and holds a special place in the hearts of many, spanning generations with its timeless appeal. The familiar flavour is now presented in the form of indulgent milk tarts by Old Seng Choong offering fans of White Rabbit a unique and powerful fusion guaranteed to be an instant hit.

Known for its dedication to honouring traditional flavours in innovative new creations, Old Seng Choong has crafted with passion, a smooth and velvety custard infused with the distinctive taste of White Rabbit candy, enveloped within the buttery goodness of Old Seng Choong’s pastry tart crust, making every bite a fun and comforting walk down memory lane.

Image credit: Old Seng Choong

Freshly baked and perfect for all occasions, the limited-edition White Rabbit Milk Tarts by Old Seng Choong are created to delight dessert fans and foodies alike. Savoured at tea time or shared with loved ones anytime, the scrumptious tarts promise an experience to evoke cherished memories and create new ones with every mouthful.

From 29 March 2024, the White Rabbit Milk Tarts (大白兔奶挞) can be found at Old Seng Choong’s bake-off concept store at Paragon Shopping Centre as well as their official website at a retail selling price of S$3.90 per tart.

Note: The tarts may contain animal derivatives and are not suitable for consumers adhering to halal or vegan dietary requirements.

For more information and updates on other offerings by Old Seng Choong, please visit their official website and social media pages: 

●       Official Website: https://www.oldsengchoong.com/

●       Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldsengchoong/

●       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldsengchoong

●       TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@oldsengchoong

●       Xiao Hong Shu: 老成昌OLD SENG CHOONG

Hao Food SG, the official distributor of the White Rabbit brand of products, is also offering the all-time-favourite flavour in the form of ice cream available in Fairprice, Cheers, and GIANT hypermarkets.


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