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Nestlé Malaysia rolls out new Maggi Mug Noodles

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Nestlé Malaysia has launched a new instant noodle (4x57g) in a mug. This noodle is relatively similar in size to an average Maggi Hot Cup noodle minus the plastic container.

In Indonesia, the Mie Gelas, or noodles that fit a glass/mug, are commonly available as an affordable option to cup noodles.

Judging by the marketing communication of a similar launch by Nestlé in Australia, the reason behind the launch of the new Maggi Mug Noodles is to reduce plastic waste, lowering plastic packaging by 83% compared to Maggi Cup Noodles. 

However in Malaysia, Nestlé did not explicitly cite sustainability as the reason for launching this product.

In Malaysia, Maggi Mug Noodles are available in chicken and curry flavours and are sold for around RM 8.00 (4x57g).



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