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SAPPE names K-Pop band SEVENTEEN its First Global Brand Ambassador for flagship fruit drink Mogu Mogu

“Sip. Chew. Feel Mogu Mogu” : Resonating with GenZ around the world

BANGKOK, May 31, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Sappe PCL, or SAPPE, has officially named the world’s leading K-Pop boy band SEVENTEEN, tops in the K-Pop boy group brand value rankings, as First Global Brand Ambassador for flagship fruit drink Mogu Mogu. In the role, the 13 members of SEVENTEEN will become representatives of the ‘Fun’ and ‘Liveliness’ in SAPPE’s juicy coconut mixed Mogu Mogu, and its “Sip. Chew. Feel Mogu Mogu” campaign, a reflection of the company’s success globally, shipping fruity drinks from Thailand to some 98 countries worldwide.

SAPPE CEO Ms Piyajit Ruckariyapong said “Mogu Mogu has received a very warm welcome in international markets, and thanks to its unique mixture of fruits and coconut jelly, the world’s first ‘Snack Drink’ launched in 2001.  Today, more than 30 billion bottles of Mogu Mogu have been distributed to consumers worldwide, while at Sappe we have been busy marketing and expanding sales channels to reach these consumers.”

SAPPE has taken strides to becoming a ‘Global Brand’, achieving continuous growth in overseas markets and acceptance among customers with innovative strategies like ‘France First’ in Europe and ‘Korea First’ in Asia, global influencer marketing, and product tie-ins with Netflix. These initiatives have created viral trends at regional and global levels, positioning South Korea and France as ‘Main Influencers’ in their respective regions.

To further strengthen Mogu Mogu’s global presence, SAPPE is this year introducing “Sip. Chew. Feel Mogu Mogu”, its first global mega-brand campaign. The campaign will kick off in South Korea and France, ‘Key Countries’ and important ‘Trend Setters’, aiming to increase Brand Engagement in both countries with Mogu Mogu and SEVENTEEN, a Global Brand Ambassador with prevailing popularity around the globe.

The company has been conducting a Brand Health Check with Milieu Insight, a well-known market research and data analytics company, to understand customer needs in order to develop marketing strategies at the international campaign level. In addition, global marketing agency DDB Worldwide Communications Group LLC, an Omnicom Group affiliate, was appointed to create strategies and carry out activities throughout the campaign, considered a major project by each of these world-class teams.

SEVENTEEN, with their iconic energy and positivity, will join hands with Mogu Mogu in reaching out to global audiences, and spreading the ‘fun’ and ‘liveliness’ that the Mogu Mogu brand represents. Propelled by the K-pop group’s popularity, Mogu Mogu hopes to build a unique narrative, increasing brand engagement and expanding its popularity world-wide.

Ms Piyajit adds, “We intend to create happiness and fun for the fans of Mogu Mogu and SEVENTEEN around the world. It is a significant beginning, of building Mogu Mogu into a beloved and global brand.”

Sappe official: https://www.sappe.com/en/
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Mogu Mogu SEVENTEEN Global Campaign 2024: https://www.sappe.com/wp-content/uploads/Mogu-Mogu_Seventeen_Global-Campaign-2024_SAPPE.jpg
Mogu Mogu SEVENTEEN GIF: http://www.acnnewswire.com/docs/Multimedia/SAPPE_Mogu_Mogu.gif


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